ETX Pharma, Inc is developing orally administered drugs candidates with highly favorable safety profiles to treat the underlying causes of several major Gastrointestinal  diseases


Diabetes’s-associated gastroparesis and idiopathic gastroparesis (of unknown cause) are neuropathies of the stomach muscles exhibiting loss of nitric oxide signaling “relax message” that prevent normal emptying of the stomach. This condition seriously reduces the patient’s quality of life and increases both morbidity and mortality

  • ETX-101 is the only drug currently in development that restores native nitric oxide signaling and should enjoy rapid adoption in this underserved indication
  • ETX-101 is presently manufactured as a tablet ready for Phase 2a trials in 2018, a potential early value inflection point


Crohn’s Disease is a relapsing inflammation of the ileum and colon that leads to ulceration and progressive intestinal damage 

  • ETX-202 is an anti-inflammatory, oral, small molecule
  • ETX-202 is expected to be much safer than other drugs
  • Currently the leading therapeutics for moderate to severe Crohn’s Disease require I.V. administration and carry double black box warnings for cancer and infectious disease risks
  • Whereas, ETX-202 is a self-administered daily pill


  • ETX follow on pre-clinical compound ETX-301 is in development for severe gastroparesis where the patients have completely lost their natural ability to generate nitric oxide. The drug is innovative because it is based on a GRAS polymer and should be exceptionally safe for severely ill patients
  • It is expected to be self-administered daily pill